Industrial Sites

Our post-construction cleaning and industrial cleaning services help ensure workplace health and safety and smooth business operations.

Creating Safer Job Sites

A clean job site is a safe job site. We have experience in all kinds of industrial sites, from trucking depots to mod yards and warehouses. We work with you to uncover your unique needs and develop a maintenance program that maximizes efficiencies every step of the way.


  • Power washing vehicles or heavy machinery
  • Flexible and scalable operations (as you grow or size down, we do too)
  • All major safety certifications (COR, ISN, ISO 9001)

Why Ultra Shine?

We build strong, lasting partnerships by adapting to each client's unique commercial cleaning needs. Because we invest in the health and happiness of our employees, you'll always be served by an exceptional, customer-focused team.

Quality Assurance
We're dedicated to providing the highest quality experience, every step of the way. We've built in processes and hired QA managers to inspect every job.
Multi Location Scalability
Our national scope means we will provide you the same quality cleaning services no matter where your facilities are or how many you have.
Frontline Employees
We believe in our employee's ideas and do all we can to help them grow. No product or device can take the place of a happy and motivated employee.

Have Us Contact You!

We can assist you by providing the exact information you need to make an informed decision to make your business run smoothly and economically.