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Recreational Facilities

Our team implements cleaning for health procedures to prevent the spread of germs and create an environment that promotes health , fitness and fun for your patrons


Facilities Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

We’ll take care of the wear a tear that occurs when operating a high traffic sport and recreation facility. Our cost effective floor care programs and specialty cleaning teams have the knowledge and training in place to preserve the life and value of your unique assets.
  • Hospital grade misting systems to kill surface bacteria, viruses and mold
  • Pool deck maintenance
  • Event day porter services
  • Shower and change room sanitization

Why choose Ultra Shine for your commercial office cleaning?

Customized Schedules

Flexible and work with you to deliver office cleaning services per the needs of your work environment. Office cleaning services may be scheduled daily, multiple times per week, weekly, or even bi- weekly, and are available throughout different times of the day, or night.

Professional, Experienced Office Cleaning

We have experience, knowledge, and tools that are essential to meet the cleaning needs, uncover effeciences and improve the return on invesmtent on a variety of office environments.

Speciality Services

Additional office cleaning services like deep cleaning of commercial carpets, strip and wax of hardwood floors, and commercial grade window washing may be arranged.

Ready for a cleaner facility?

Ultra Shine is locally-owned, operated, and prepared to meet your commercial office cleaning requirements.