Why Ultra Shine

We view our clients as partners. We work together daily to lower operating costs and maximize efficiencies.


The Ultra Shine Guarantee

Our dedicated quality assurance managers and leading-edge software give complete transparency to inspection results. This ensures that our customers get superior returns on investment. That’s our guarantee.

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What Makes Us Different

Experience & Flexibility

We have experience servicing many different types of facilities across diverse market segments. As a result, our training and expertise cover a wide range of services and deliverables that are adaptable to our client’s unique needs.

Scaling up or scaling down, one location or many, we have the financial capability and infrastructure in place to manage the changing needs of our customers where ever they are.

Quality Assurance

Our certified quality assurance systems and processes provide transparency, accountability and the ability to successfully manage your building maintenance needs with fewer contractor touch-points allowing you to focus on your core business strengths.

Innovative Approach

We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technological advances in the commercial cleaning space so that we can provide highly efficient and cost-effective services while reducing strain on our front-line team members.

Continuous Improvement

With a commitment to continuous improvement, we invest heavily in the development of all aspects of our business. This investment allows us to deliver cost savings and service consistency through streamlined systems and equipment and aggressive recruitment and retention strategies such as employee education grants that support the growth and development of team members at all levels.

Safety & Compliance

As an ISO: 9001 and COR certified business, you can feel confident that your facility, its staff, and its guest are in good hands.

These third-party stamps of approval represent our dedication to providing high-quality facility maintenance services that promote.

US Values

Learn why we’re the right partner for you.

We view our relationships as partnerships and are committed to working together to increase efficiencies and lower operating costs ensuring our customers are able to maximize their value. When you succeed, we do too.

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We take care of your team

Lower your costs and improve health and safety across all facilities within your organization.


We believe in collaboration

When working with us, you aren't just a client. We see our relationship as a partnership where your success is our success.


We are diverse

Streamline and standardize your facility maintenance through one vendor for all services and locations.


We believe in community

Provide measurable customer service with dedicated customer service reps and the account partner program.

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